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Glittering Diamonds - 2 skeins=2 scarves - 8 shaft

Try our ‘Glittering Diamonds’ Shadow Weave Scarves. Weave 2 fabulous scarves with 2 skeins of our most popular silk yarn, Kiku (100% Bombyx Spun Silk, 20/2). This 2-shuttle weave can produce two different looks--it just depends on which color you start your weaving with! What a perfect gift for someone special!

There are so many combinations that would look fabulous! A value difference between your two colors is important --having one color that is lighter or darker than the other is necessary to enable the lovely pattern be visible.

2Skeins make 2Scarves; each scarf is approx. 8.5" wide, 72" long, sett 24 EPI.

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