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Irridescent Point Twill - 4 Shaft - 2 scarves

Try our ‘Naturally Iridescent’ PointTwill scarves. Weave 2 fabulous scarves with 2 skeins of our easy to manage silk yarn, Zola (100% Bombyx Spun Silk, 12/2).

We've added a bit of weft color in our warp--to create edging (makes your selvages cleaner) and some sutble stripes to enhance the diamonds. We've set this just a tick loose for a twill-gives wonderful drape--so you'll need to watch your beat as you weave so you don't pack your weft in too tight.

What a perfect gift for someone special!

BONUS--we've included an alternate treadling, too!

This kit includes Royal purple and black
OR Royal purple with carmela (muga yarn!)
Want to change colors? see what's available in the silk yarn Zola and pick 2 colors - just be sure to let me know what pattern you want!
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