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30/2 Muga (Wild) Spun Silk

30/2 Muga (Wild) Spun Silk
Muga is the common name of the caterpillar Antherea assama. It is a cousin to the Tussah caterpillar and produces a special golden color silk when reeled from the cocoon. As a spun yarn it is a golden honey color.

Muga is special because the eco-system provided by the Brahmaputra River valley in India is the only place that provides the perfect conditions for its growth. Muga sericulture was encouraged by the ancient royalty of Assam but hit serious decline with the clearing of forests to make way for tea plantations. The Assamese struggle to continue raising Muga silk as it is woven into the fabric of their tradtiions, culture and economy.

It blends well with 30/2 silk and tussah as well as all the other blends for clothing.

There are 6800 yards per pound and 1485 yards per 100gm skein, Skeins vary 10gms +/- and are priced accordingly.

Weavers - sett at 30epi for plain weave